"Since the day I made my first dough ‘sculpture ‘ in nursery school and played cameos, often uninvited, in my elder brother’s home movies the visual arts have played a seminal part in my life. So much so that I suppose it was inevitable that I would forge a career in this sector.


It was by following two of my greatest passions, Art and Film, that paved the path to me opening my own art gallery in 2009. I first studied Film in St Johns College, Cork where I achieved a diploma with distinction, after which came a BA(hons) degree in Art History from UCC.  These may seem like disparate areas but I learnt that there were two things that made my heart skip a beat which I now see are the essence of the job I do as curator and director of 2020 Art Gallery.  I adore the process of editing film, creating a visual piece of art from different scenes, snapshots, angles and sounds, as much as I love and admire works of art, their creation, expression and interpretation.


I have experienced the working environments of a variety of galleries from municipal spaces, through my student internship with The Glucksman Gallery, where I was lucky enough to work directly with curators, to the art market setting of the commercial gallery. It was the latter that was to ultimately win my affections and I knew very quickly that this is where I wanted to settle.


2020 was born in July 2009 and started out as a small gallery in one of the country’s hubs of creativity, Ballydehob in West Cork. It didn’t take long to realize that demand from artists and collectors was such that a much bigger space was needed so I moved the gallery up to Cork City just before Christmas 2010.


Sharing and homing Irish artwork with the people of Cork and beyond is a wonderful, exciting thing to do every day.  Having always believed in the value of chasing your passions I am lucky enough to be chasing mine!!"


Sheelah Moloney, Gallery Director


2020 Art Gallery

Griffith House

North Mall

(Opposite The Gate Cinema)



+353 21 4391458