Emma O'Hara



Emma O’Hara is a Wexford born artist based in Cork City. O’Hara graduated from Limerick school of Art and Design with a BA honours in Print and Contemporary Practice. From her degree show she was awarded the Cork Printmakers bursary 2016. This has allowed the artist to continue and refine her practice.


O’Hara has exhibited in Limerick, Wexford and Cork with her first solo show taking place in 2017.

The artist was selected for KFEST 2018. O’Hara’s latest solo exhibition ‘’Encounters’’ took place in May 2018.


‘Any landscape is a condition of the spirit’ Henri Frédéric Amiel


Emma's work captures an artist’s perception and memory of deconstructed landscapes and urban environments. Her screen prints take the viewer on a visual parade of the everyday.


The simplified compositions capture mundane lived experience. The Artist deconstructs the noise that interrupts the artists view of a composition. The artist uses colour to highlight the disparity between structural form and the re-imagined human intervention allowing the viewer to interpret the spatial hierarchy. The work shown is meant to be explorative, to open up areas of discourse rather than dictate discussion.







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