Glenn Gibson


Glenn recognized from an early age the need to be creative, but repressed artistic desires as he moved into the working world. His discovery of sculpture began years later, playing with a box of jumbo paperclips during a conference call. Glenn realized his ability to transform metal into three dimensional forms was akin to round wheels working better than square. This experience marked the beginning of his journey toward a new way to communicate, to express himself where words had failed before.


"Seemingly solid things are a collection of energies vibrating in synergy, creating a cohesive vision. To express visually that which we all know intrinsically", Glenn is determined to capture this synergy in his work. He transforms raw industrial materials of steel and copper wire into fluid visceral forms, utilizing negative space to create shapes for the eye. Glenn's latest works take on familiar yet ethereal form.





2020 Art Gallery

Griffith House

North Mall

(Opposite The Gate Cinema)



+353 21 4391458