James Horan


Dublin born James Horan graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design in 2003 and has been working as a full time artist since. He is a keen observer of human behaviour which he finds is a rich source of inspiration for his work, noting the idiosyncrasies and innate habits of others he creates his figurative works that are both uniquely humorous and absorbing. James enjoys subverting the traditions of stone sculpture through the use of humour which he portrays with both the ideas he expresses and the exaggerated proportions of the figures. Of his work he says "I believe art should be fun. People should enjoy looking at  my sculpture, I hope they will smile first then look deeper into the work and decide what it says to them."


James' work has been exhibited widely throughout the country and forms part of many private and public collections in Ireland, UK and USA



2020 Art Gallery

Griffith House

North Mall

(Opposite The Gate Cinema)



+353 21 4391458