Born in Co.Down, Ireland in 1940 Sloan is a self-taught artist. Whilst working in London Sloan was drawn to the theatre, its mystic and magic, its drama and tragedy. With its capacity to explore the play of life in all its manifestations, theatre seemed a wonderful means of expression. However, after nine years in the profession he began to tire of only being involved in the reproduction of artists’/writers’ observation and comments. Around this time he met a Liverpool sculptor called Brian Burgess who introduced Sloan to the studio. The theatre career was over and his sculpture career had begun. Sculpture “allows me to make a personal, visual impression of humankind; to express some facets of the mystery and magic of life. My sculptures emerge on a series of themes, exploring the figurative image either on the edges of realism or bordering on abstraction". Sloan has exhibited extensively in Europe. His work is included in public collections, as well as in private collections worldwide

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