Tony O'Connor



Kerryman Tony O'Connor, Ireland's premier up and coming equine artist, studied Fine Art at the Crawford College of Art & Design where he also gained a Higher Diploma in Art Education. Nowadays he is a full time artist creating ever more sought after pieces of equine art. The horse and the beauty of its majestic form and spirit are the basis of Tony's work, and the result of his inimitable combination of an innate aptitude for draughtsmanship and his lifelong passion for horses is beautifully evocative paintings that capture the unique power, grace and nobility of the equine form. Anyone who appreciates classical elegance cannot but be drawn in.


Tony’s love of horses stems from his childhood, where some of his earliest memories are those of his grand-uncle Mossie working in his dark smoke-filled forge, shoeing local horses and ponies.

Influenced by the Renaissance Masters, he takes his style of drawing from the Silverpoint pieces of Da Vinci and the drawings of Michelangelo, elements of both artists can be seen in his drawings and portraits of horses.


Tony's work forms part of many private national and international collections and he is proud to be connected with the Irish Horse Welfare Trust and Redwings Equine Charity in the UK. Most recently he has also won two awards in the Ex Arte Equinus International Art Competition




2020 Art Gallery

Griffith House

North Mall

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